Any great landscape designer knows what makes a beautiful design can be found in the balance and scale of the project. Creating perfect balance requires the designer to see the vision from all angles and to scale each detail to achieve the perfect balance.

Once that perfect balance is established, the designer is free to embellish the details, creating exactly what the client wants.

Today, more and more clients are looking to create something of their very own. Something personal. A place of solace where they can escape the daily stresses.
An Aquanetic landscaping design will provide that “oasis”. That special place to enjoy and relax. That place that no one else has. A place to be proud of. Most importantly, Aquanetic will help the client achieve a better “life balance”

Aquanetic Landscaping, a premier Orange County landscaping company, has designed and built hundreds of projects throughout Orange County. “Consistency is a staple of our business” says Ed Sotto, president of Aquanetic. “We can and will deliver that “perfect design” for our clients”.