With global warming as a growing concern, it is no wonder that people are getting more conscious about how they treat their environment. The responsibility not only lies with the government, but also with various private sector companies as well. This is why most businesses tend to favor materials and infrastructures that can be classified an environmentally friendly.

This trend even affects professional pool builders such as those based in Orange County, CA, like Aquanetics Pools and Spas, with their inclusion of energy-efficient outdoor pools in their product portfolio list.

What does having a “green pool” mean?

When Orange County pool builders talk about green pools and spas, they do not mean the color of the water, but rather the pool or spa’s capability to be eco-friendly by using less electricity in running.

energy efficient outdoor pools

As you might well know, the internal mechanism of most outdoor pools requires a pump and some sort of heating mechanism to keep the water’s temperature great for swimming, both of which requires a considerable amount of energy in the form of electricity to run. Electricity, in turn, is powered by burning fossil fuel that contributes to the overall global warming the world is experiencing today.

There are a number of ways that your pool builder can guarantee that you’ll be enjoying an eco-friendly pool without sacrificing its design or usability.

The benefits of owning an energy-efficient pool

Aside from your family’s satisfaction and enjoyment, an energy-efficient pool has a number of advantages to make every penny spent on it worth it. For one, having a green pool in your place of residence gives you the benefit of optimum performance without requiring a high-level of pool maintenance.

Furthermore, any additional costs in ensuring your pool builder creates an energy-efficient pool will soon be recovered with the reduced water and electricity bills.

Energy-efficiency is not only limited to the pool’s design. The equipment that is part of the design such as solar pool heater, pool cover, windbreak, and a smaller pool pump can all contribute to the overall reduced operating costs of your pool. You can even ask your pool builder to install a timer so your water circulation will automatically turn on or off as needed.

Aside from the reduced costs, the government is also offering tax rebates and rewards to homeowners who choose to make their homes a little greener with the use of renewable energy (e.g. solar panels) in pool water heating.


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