Types Of Swimming Pools Orange County, CA

As with any other city in the country, there are many types of swimming pools Orange County, CA, as well. This coastal city is renowned for its tourist attractions such as Disneyland. Visitors to this city can also find many exquisitely designed and landscaped swimming pools here.

Swimming pools can be categorized in many ways. The most obvious method of classification is based on the shape, location, and functionality. If you go further deep, you can find different types of swimming pools based on the type of material used for fabricating the floor of the pool and the types of drainage, filtering, and pumping devices used in the pool.

In-ground Pools And Above-ground Pools

These are the two basic types of swimming pools. Above-ground pools are portable and ready-to-use pools. These are durable and relatively easy to maintain. In addition, these are more cost-effective than in-ground pools. If you are an occasional swimmer or you want a swimming pool just for the sake of it, these are ideal choices for you.

On the other hand, in-ground swimming pools in Orange County, CA, and in other parts of the country, are more expensive than the above-ground ones. These can be big and provide the real feel of swimming. As a result, swimming professionals and enthusiasts often opt for this type of pool.

The following are some of the popular types of swimming pools in Orange County, CA.

Play Pool

A play pool is a small-sized in-ground swimming pool. One can swim around, relax, and indulge in some simple recreational activities like volleyball in this pool. It is not ideal for diving, as its depth is usually only five feet or even less.

Diving Pool

As its name indicates, a diving pool is ideally suitable for diving and other aquatic adventure sports. These are in-ground pools with an attached diving board. These pools have a depth of eight to nine feet. One has to make sure that the construction of the diving swimming pool Orange County, CA, is in compliance with the safety standards specified by the authorities in the state of California.

Vinyl Lined Pools

These can be either in-ground or above-ground pools. The basin of the pool is lined by vinyl material. These are cost-effective and largely damage-free. One has to replace to vinyl lining once in every 10 years.

Other similar types of swimming pools in Orange County, CA, are fiberglass pool and concrete pool. In these types, the difference lies in the type of material used to construct the base of the swimming pool.

Geometric Pool

These are traditional-looking swimming pools with a symmetric shape. These pools are usually basic geometric shapes such as circle, rectangle and square.

Freeform pool is the opposite of geometric pool design. One can find several improvisations and out-of-the-box ideas of swimming pool design in this category.


This is the short name for spa cum swimming pools. These are small-sized and ideal for chilling out rather than swimming around. Despite the small size, these are more expensive than other types of swimming pools.

Other types of swimming pools Orange County, CA, include lap pool, negative edge pool, and perimeter overflow pool.