A Checklist For Hiring Swimming Pool Contractors In Orange County, CA

There is no shortage of swimming pool contractors Orange County, CA. However, not every contractor you come across is good. Selecting the right contractor is probably the most critical decision for the construction of a swimming pool. Here is a checklist for hiring a reliable contractor for constructing a swimming pool in Orange County, CA.

Check License And Insurance Documents

While a license may not in itself guarantee competency or honesty from the part of the contractor, lack of a license definitely indicates incompetence or lack of experience. Therefore, one should request to see the contractor license issued by the Registrar of Contractors and verify whether the name of the agency or person in the license matches with that of the agency or person you are dealing with.

A related aspect is the insurance. Make sure that the swimming pool contractor in Orange County, CA, has the employee’s liability insurance. If the agency does not have insurance cover for the workers, your homeowner’s insurance policy might become the source of compensation for the workers, in case they suffer any injuries while constructing the pool. The California State law, which is applicable in Orange County, is very clear about that.

Contact Better Business Bureau

You can contact the nearest office of the Better Business Bureau for learning whether there have been any complaints about the contracting agency before. The Bureau keeps a record of all swimming pool contractors Orange County, CA, that have been functioning for more than one year. If there have been a number complaints registered against a particular agency, never opt for that agency.

Study Contract Document

Contract document is an important, but often neglected, text of information. People tend to have a glance and put their signature without thinking much. It is true that nobody enjoy reading the legalese found in contract documents. However, it is too important to be ignored. You have to make sure that all the promises about warranty and maintenance offered by the swimming pool contractor in Orange County, CA, is incorporated in the contract document. For example, if the company has offered a six-month warranty and free maintenance for one year, make sure that these promises are included in the contract document. Another important aspect is clearing the debris created by the construction of the pool. Ideally, you have to not only make sure that the company agrees to clear the debris but also ensure that a clearly worded clause about the clearing-up work is written in the contract agreement as well. In addition, you must obtain a copy of the document signed by an authorized official of the company.

Pay In Installments

While signing the contract, you will have to pay an advance. However, never pay the full amount in advance even if you are promised a slight reduction in price. According to the state law, the advance amount for swimming pool construction must not exceed 2% of the total estimate cost and is limited to a maximum of $200. Pay the rest of the amount in installments at various stages of construction.

Even if you have signed the agreement and paid an advance, you can terminate the agreement within three days. You have to inform the company immediately. In normal circumstances, a swimming pool contractor Orange County, CA, must refund the advance amount.