Turning your backyard into a haven with a stunning pool involves several factors, such as features, landscaping, and lighting. However, one of the most crucial steps in the process is designing the pool itself. The look and layout of your pool can make or break the project.

That’s why it’s essential that you understand how the design process works, even if you’re working with expert pool builders in Orange County, CA.

Define its Purpose 

Any home addition should have a purpose. Your pool shouldn’t just look beautiful, but should also be functional for the entire family to fully enjoy. Your design should be based on how you want to use it. Is it mainly for exercise, relaxation, or entertainment? Answering this will help you decide on the size and shape. If it will be used by kids, then you can determine the proper safety tools to add to it as well. Whatever purpose you have in mind, the design should reflect that.

Steps to Designing Your Pool

Decide on the Features 

A range of features is available in the pool’s design. This is why it’s essential to determine what you want in the design process. Even if you won’t install features right away, you need to allot space for them. If you’re planning to add a spa, garden structures, play area, outdoor kitchen, or other landscape elements, then you must include these in the design so that you won’t find it difficult when you’re ready to expand the pool area.

Understand Property and Bylaw Limits

Building a pool comes with challenges, as your backyard may be subject to property and bylaw restrictions. To ensure that you’re complying with the regulations, familiarize yourself with the local bylaws and building codes. See if the design you have in mind suits the location and features of your property, then make the necessary adjustments. This will avoid setbacks and construction mistakes.

Set a Budget 

Your design may also be affected by your budget. To make the process easier, set a budget early on to determine whether the design is possible with your financial capacity. An experienced pool builder can give you an estimate while guiding you in the process.

Designing a pool is crucial, but it can be challenging. Don’t worry, though, because there are reliable Orange County pool builders who can assist you every step of the way. 

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