At Aquanetic Pools, we know that a pool and pool deck will save you 25 gallons per square foot per year on average compared to watering a lawn. You can save over 1 million gallons of water over your working life. We work with large and small backyard areas to lessen your total water usage. Working together, we can have a water+ LIFE.

In many cities such as Irvine, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente etc., new large homes are being built on small lots. Huntington Beach has a stunning development named Brightwater where some of its sites have small back yards and where Aquanetic Pools is building many small pools and spas.

What can you do to raise the level of excitement and visual impact in a limited size area? Answer: WATER.

Even a small 10 x 15 pool with some creative water features providing soothing sounds and eye pleasing “sparkle” can transform a walled in enclosure into an enticing paradise with a “WOW” visual impact. The Spa Resort section on our web site can provide you with some beginning ideas. Notice in the limited size back yards shown, we have designed pools, spas, barbeques, fireplaces, waterfalls, swim up bars, fire pits and much more.

We can design a rear yard extension to your family room that will not only invite you but strongly entice you to enter this world of pleasure and relaxation.

How do you get started? You could hire a landscape architect (cost in the $3000 – $5000 area) which is one good way. However, the beautiful plan you end up with is usually more costly than you anticipated. What do you do then, start over?

Aquanetic is currently offering a free consultation during which we will:  1) listen to your needs, tastes and desires  2) show you samples of completed plans and have you visit job sites and speak with project owners  3) discuss with you the size, scope and budget of the project and then design and draw architectural plans within these parameters.

Aquanetic will supply architectural, HOA, Coastal Commission and Building Dept. plans and engineering as part of our agreement.

Call us for this free package. Put a water+ experience in your back yard.

We support sustainable use of recreational water. Find out how we are addressing water preservation, protection and conservation by visiting World of Recreational Water initiative.

We support the responsible use of water!

We support the responsible use of water!