Just like any part of your house, your swimming pool is also subject to wear and tear. For instance, the waterline tiles, once pristine and immaculate-looking, may now be chipped and cracked. The pump that once dutifully supplied water to your pool may now be on its last breath. When you see these things in your own swimming pool, it can mean only one thing: a remodel is in order.

Expert Pool Builders

Remodeling your swimming pool will definitely cost a considerable amount of money, so there are important factors that you’ll need to consider first.

Your Lifestyle

Since you’re doing a remodel anyway, now is the perfect time to really assess what you want in a pool. For instance, if you and your family are an outdoorsy bunch, including a deck or a barbecue station next to the pool might be a good idea. If you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, then you may want to consider adding a spa area to your pool.

Design and Finishes

Likewise, consider the aesthetics of your new pool as well. If you’ve owned a rectangular pool for the longest time, perhaps it’s time to consider making structural changes with a new shape.

You should also start thinking about what materials to use for the pool itself. For instance, should you use stone, tile, or wood for the pool decking? If you can’t envision the type of pool you want, a great way to get inspiration is to look at swimming pool photos in glossy magazines.

Maintenance and Efficiency

When you do a pool remodel, talk to trusted Orange County pool contractors about new technologies that make upkeep easier. For instance, you can install a variable speed pump, more power-efficient pump to help keep your electricity bill low. Likewise, you might also want to convert to a saltwater pool if you want to save money on chemicals required to keep pool water clean.


Last but certainly not the least, be sure to consider your budget for this remodeling project. It’s hard to estimate the cost of a remodel since materials and labor depend on the size and complexity of the pool you want. Often times, the best way to get a ballpark figure is to just ask for a quote from pool builders in Orange County, CA.

A pool remodel is a huge undertaking, but one that is hugely rewarding as well. Keep these things in mind and your new pool will surely be a highlight of your home.

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