When the weather is positively scorching, there’s no better relief than a quick dip in your very own swimming pool. A refreshing swim, however,  isn’t the only benefit of owning a pool: having one also makes it easier to incorporate swimming into your exercise routine.

Professional Pool Contractors

That being said, many homeowners feel like their backyards are cramped for space. In fact, real-estate website Zillow.com says that while the average size of the American home is growing, the lots on which they’re built are getting tinier. More precisely, newly constructed single-detached homes are now 24% bigger than they were in the late 90s, while lot sizes have shrunk by 10 percent.

However, don’t think that a small yard is a hindrance to putting in a pool in your home. Orange County pool builders have many tricks up their sleeve to maximize whatever space you have.

Flowing Design

A great way to make your pool look bigger is to make it an extension of your home. That is, your contractor designs the pool so that it reflects the style and design touches of your house, allowing it to blend seamlessly into it, thereby masking its smaller size.

Unconventional Shapes

A vast majority of pools in the country are rectangular, but there’s no reason to stick to this shape if it doesn’t make sense for a your yard. In many cases, an irregularly shaped pool (e.g. semi-circular or lake-like installations) can be easily tucked into a corner of your yard to maximize space.

Lap Pools

If the only yard space available is a long, narrow strip, a lap pool is a perfect option. Pool contractors can then install features like a barbecue station or a modest deck area to make the space feel less utilitarian.

Plunge Pool

On the flipside, contractors can also focus on the pool’s depth instead, as is the case with plunge pools. This pool type requires very little yard space since it focuses on width rather than length, making it ideal for especially small yards.

Infinity Style

When you can’t build a big pool, create the illusion that it’s big. In this regard, infinity pools are a great option. Rather than being bounded the edges, the water simply spills over the pool’s edge seemingly into the horizon, to be collected in a trough and channeled back into the pool.

Indeed, expert Orange County pool contractors can do wonders even for small yards. If you really want a pool in your home, get in touch with trusted local contractors such as Aquanetic Pools.

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