There’s more work to be done once your pool builders in Orange County complete the construction of your backyard pool, such as ensuring safety around the pool area for your entire family and guests. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to establish rules and regulations that guarantee everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Informing each member of your family about these swimming do’s and don’ts is essential. Print it out and distribute a copy to everyone or, better yet, post it near the pool area to remind everyone to be careful when swimming, especially when kids are around. When hosting a pool party, your guests should also be informed about the safety rules and regulations to avoid accidents. After all, a pool is for fun and enjoyment; rules further its purpose.

Swimming Safety for Everyone

The Do’s 

Life vest, air cushion, arm floats, and other floating devices should be available and accessible for everyone, especially kids. Only those who know how to properly swim should be allowed in the water unsupervised.  Those who don’t know how to swim should be accompanied by someone who can swim and watch over them.

Staying hydrated is a must. Encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration when the weather is too hot and pool activity is high.

Another important reminder: Use the bathroom before entering the pool and leave the pool to pee. Taking a shower before jumping in will help keep the pool water clean as well.

The Don’ts 

Ask everyone to avoid diving into shallow water to prevent injury. The water in the pool should be eight feet deep for someone to safely jump into it. At the same time, a diving board should always be used when diving.

Also, running and chasing others around the pool deck can cause accidents such as slips and falls. Remind everyone to avoid such activity and to be wary of wet surfaces.

Don’t let anyone swim if they’re too intoxicated or on debilitating medications. This can affect their ability to swim, move, and breathe, exposing them to risks of drowning.

Setting rules and regulations can help give you peace of mind that everyone is out of danger when they’re in your pool area. You can also get professional help from Orange County pool contractors to recommend and install safety measures that prevent accidents.

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