While it might seem that swimming pools are only good for burning a significant hole in your pocket, realtors and pool contractors attest to the several advantages of building one in your backyard, especially if you live in a place with a climate as warm and sunny as California.

If you need convincing of whether your home needs a pool, then you should consider the following list of benefits your home stands to reap from building one on your property.

In Orange County, you can’t afford to be without one

Pool builders throughout Orange County agree about one thing: It is rare for any Orange County home not to feature even a small pool in its backyard. Don’t fool yourself into thinking these pools are for sheer vanity’s sake. If you live in a high-end community, it makes financial sense to have a pool because it raises your property’s value. It therefore makes your home easier to sell, if ever the time comes that you need to list it.

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According to real estate experts, given the prime location and the county’s warm climate, building a pool in your backyard can raise your home’s value by up to nearly 8%.

A more convenient way to stay healthy

Nobody can deny the health benefits of swimming, a beneficial cardiovascular exercise that also whips all your core muscle groups into shape. While this can be done in a public swimming pool, there’s a certain charm and convenience in performing these water exercises in the privacy of your own home. Not only will you need not worry on how your body looks inside a swimsuit, but there’s also the freedom to kick and flail your limbs to your heart’s content without bothering other swimmers.

It gives you a license to brag

You have to admit: Owning a pool allows you the perfect excuse to brag about it to your relatives and friends. It also raises your stock in your kids’ eyes, who can take license to boast about your pool to their schoolmates as well. You can show off your ever-ready summer body while showing off your beautiful home and yard, too.

Installing a pool is more than just improving the overall aesthetic of your home, it also offers an ideal place to bond with your family and friends for some healthy, wholesome fun. This simple reason should be enough to make swimming pools a worthy investment.


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