During the summer, when your backyard is surrounded with guests, the pool should be a focal point. There are many ways to spice up your pool, but these ideas in particular allow you to make the most out of them during hot summer days.

Make the Most Out of Your Home’s Pool

Install a Decorative Pool Deck

People want to spend their time around the pool, but the sun may be just too hot. Provide guests with the perfect hangout spot near the pool by setting up a decorative pool deck. Elevated decks allow guests to see others swimming, setting the tone for their summer gatherings. Add a large umbrella to the area, for ample shade and safe experiences outside for hours.

There are many material choices for pool decks, including cedar and composite. The latter is a great option because it’s made out of plastic and recycled wood, a design that gives these decks a smooth surface. Guests therefore don’t have to worry about getting splinters when they are enjoying their time outside. Whatever material you choose, have a pool builder handle this installation. They’ll know how to incorporate the deck in a way that flows with your pool’s structure.

Hire a Pool Builder

After several years, you may come to find that your pool is really lacking character. That’s okay because you can give it a makeover with some help from pool builders in Orange County. Your builder can come up with a unique pool design, specific to your property. Not only will they add on, making the pool bigger, but they can incorporate striking and fun features. It may be some type of festive lighting or perhaps a water fountain.

Your pool builder in Orange County drafts up plans before anything is built. This gives you an idea of what the pool looks like and informs you of the cost. You can then decide to either adjust plans or accept their design. The builder takes care of everything, from gathering materials to inspecting the pool after it’s renovated. One other thing they take care of is ensuring the pool complies with current building codes.

The pool is a prominent feature of your property, which you can always improve with the help of professional contractors. A pool builder can give you many design ideas to make your pool and the surrounding areas that much better.


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