Laguna Woods, California (May 11, 2016) – Aquanetic Pools and Spas, one of the most well-known pool builders serving the Orange County area proves that pools can help in conserving water and energy. Perhaps one of the main reasons people shy away from having a pool installed at their own homes is that it would rack up the water and electric bills. Hiring the right professionals to oversee pool installation, however, will help drive down the costs in the long run.

No matter the depth and size, pools will always end up consuming large amounts of water from the moment they are installed and throughout its operation. Proper maintenance and investing the latest pool cleaning technologies, however, should decrease the need to replace the water from time to time. For example, pool vacuums speed up the process and yield better results than manual cleaning using nets. Since water companies also benefit from having water reservoirs scattered throughout the area, they may lower the rate they charge pool owners.

Many homeowners are also concerned about the added energy consumption their new pools will entail since electricity is essential to operation and maintenance. Pool companies today come up with modern technologies to make pools more efficient to. For instance, new variable speed pumps can really help save up in energy expenses. These newer variable speed pumps allow users to select the speed of the pump as well as monitor their watt usage. Slower speed pumps retained for a longer period of time can significantly decrease the watt usage. Say, for example, that an average household with a pool uses up 3,200 watts to run it, this amount can go down to as low as 800.

Another effective way to mitigate the costs of owning a pool is having pool contractors in Orange County work with a limited budget especially if the space allotted for the pool is small. Adopting minimal designs and features is the best way to go about saving up long term.

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Aquanetic Pools and Spas is a premier custom pool and spa design company servicing Orange County and its surrounding areas. The company specializes in creating outdoor settings that reflect each individual client’s lifestyles, incorporating flora and quality materials into the design. Aquanetic Pools and Spas’ designers keep up to date with the latest energy efficient pool technologies as well.