For some homeowners, having their own swimming pool is a dream come true. For those who already have one, however, sometimes they find themselves wanting a bit more than just a swimming pool. It could be that their backyard still has some more room to spare and the pool area is looking a tad too sparse for their liking.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that these pool owners would want to contract professional Orange County pool builders to spruce up their pool area a bit more. For sure, they have plenty of ideas going on in their minds already, and the only thing stopping them from executing it is the feasibility of said ideas—that, and of course, the matter of budget.

If you are in the same boat as these pool owners, here are some awesome ideas that you could consider for your own place, and brought to fruition by a reliable professional like Aquanetics Pools and Spas.

Hot and Cold

Striking a balance could be a tricky thing to pull off, especially when there is clearly one dominant element in the space. In case of swimming pools, the obvious element here is water. If you are to strike a balance in this area, therefore, you should be strategic as to the placement of your fireplace.

The great thing about this is that while the pool water provides a cool, refreshing swim, getting out of it can be chilly right to the bone. Having a fireplace in the immediate vicinity can help a lot in warming up the person coming up from the pool. It should also provide a nice enough space to gather in for some casual lounging.

In the Deep

If you want something a bit more eye-popping than the usual waterfalls and hot tub combination in your pool, why not go for a lounge area embedded right inside your pool? Imagine a lounge area on your pool, except that instead of it sitting on top of the water you will basically be sitting “inside” the pool area, but absolutely dry. No doubt, it should make for a very interesting conversation piece.

If you’re interested to have this feature in your swimming pool, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted pool builder in Orange County about the possibilities of it being executed successfully given your pool’s structure.

Bars and Grills

Your pool area is meant to entertain family and friends, so entertain away! Dedicate an area for a pool bar and a barbecue grilling area, and every gathering should be quite the big splash you’ve always wanted to have.


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