Design Specifications Of An Inground Swimming Pool Orange County, CA

As in other parts of the country, the number of inground swimming pool Orange County, CA, is far more than that of above-ground swimming pools in the region. This may sound strange if you consider only the cost and ease of installation of swimming pools. Above-ground pools are cheaper and you can install them yourself if you have the right skills for this type of work. However, for the real feel of swimming pools, there is no substitute for inground swimming pools. It is estimated that there are close to five million inground swimming pools in the country, whereas the number of above-ground swimming pools is said to be about 3.5 million.

Constructing an inground swimming pool in Orange County, CA, can be a complicated business. Unlike the case of above-ground swimming pools, one cannot install it manually without the help of a technician. One also has to hire a reputable company with a proven track record in constructing and maintaining swimming pools, otherwise, one may not get the type of swimming pool one wants.

While one requires the help of skilled technicians and a reputable agency for constructing an inground swimming pool Orange County, CA, it is better to understand the basic structure and parts of an inground swimming pool. This knowledge will help in many ways – for example, to create a proper swimming pool design and find a convenient location for the pool.

Basic Structure

The most obvious part of a swimming pool is a pond-like hole on the ground. Depending up on the swimming requirements and aesthetic sense it can be of any size, shape, and depth. The larger the pool, the higher will be the cost of its construction and maintenance. In addition, the availability of a secure and convenient place also influences the size of the swimming pool. If you live in a prime residential area of Orange County, you may not have enough space in your courtyard or backyard for a large swimming pool. You can opt for an indoor swimming pool to partly solve the problem of size.

Conventional swimming pools are either rectangular or square in shape. However, there have been many new trends in swimming pool design in Orange County, CA, and shapes have undergone a revolution. One can find swimming pools of various delightful and attractive shapes these days.

Depth is another major design specification of an inground swimming pool in Orange County; CA. Inground swimming pools are deeper than their above-ground counterparts – which, incidentally, are one of their major advantages. Their depth normally varies from five feet to ten feet. If you want to have diving facility as well, the depth should be about eight to ten feet.

Supporting Devices

There are some not-so-visible, yet vital parts of a swimming pool. These are drainage system, pumping system, and filtering system. The water in the pool becomes dirty and has to be filtered and replaced periodically. These devices are used to filter or remove unclean water and refill the pool with fresh water. While installing these devices in an inground swimming pool Orange County, CA, or anywhere for that matter, care has to be taken for placing these in such a manner that they do not interfere with the normal swimming activities.

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