Orange County pool contractors are well-known around the state as the best custom pool and spa builders with their unique and classy designs. After all, nothing says good quality family fun than a personal outdoor pool to refresh yourselves.

While most pool builders in Orange County have their own expert pool designers, it is not unheard of for clients to join in the fun in designing their own pools. Here are some of the factors outdoor pool or spa designers consider in creating the most fitting and suitable outdoor water area for your whole family.

Getting the Shape Right

Somehow, great designs almost always start with choosing the best pool shape and size for your backyard retreat. There are at least eight major pool shapes to choose from. If you find that the regular shapes are not to your liking, you can always choose to customize it.

pool contractors create masterpiece

The right shape can dictate the actual look of your future pool area – from the furniture to landscaping. It always helps to look at pictures over the internet and review the pool designs of those who already have a pool in their backyard and perhaps find a design that piques your interest.

Think Green

If you want to have outdoor fun without harming the environment, then going green is the only way to go. To have an eco-friendly pool, you can always ask your pool builder to install energy-efficient solar water heaters and an energy-saving pump to power your pool.

By choosing to go green, you are not only helping the environment but also yourself, as you enjoy reduced utility costs and government tax rebates by using these earth-saving technologies.

Think about Optional Enhancements

If you have a child at home, you might want to add a water slide or a diving board into your pool’s design. If you are more of the type that values ambiance, you can add colored lights or an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to enhance the general mood. Or if you like family gatherings and reunions, you can ask your pool contractor if they can add an outdoor kitchen for endless picnics.

Whatever feature you choose, always consider the reason behind your decision to add those things to maximize the use of the area. With a little creativity and a lot of assistance from your pool contractor, a nice little backyard retreat for your whole family is just within your reach.


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