After a long tiring day of work or chores, a quick dip in the pool is the ultimate reward. However, not all homes have stately yards that can accommodate huge pools. That being said, having a small backyard should not a hindrance to having your own swimming pool. Below are just some space-efficient pool designs worth considering.

Take the plunge

Swimming pools don’t always have to be in-ground. These days, more households are choosing plunge pools, which are not only space-saving but just as leisurely, too. Such options are called above-ground pools because they are freestanding structures, not unlike an oversized bathtub—no digging required! They come in a variety of sizes and are portable, allowing you take them with you should your family decide to move.

space saving pool ideas

Lap of luxury

A pool doesn’t need to be Olympic-sized to be relaxing. If you’re just looking for a quick dip to keep fit, consider installing a lap pool in your yard. These pools are longer than they are wide, making them ideal for swimming enthusiasts. They can also be built close to your backyard wall, leaving you plenty of room for a patio set up that’s perfect for al fresco entertainment.

Open waters

You can also design your pool in a way that seamlessly blends with your home. For instance, the pool can be built right up to the side of your house; that way, instead of opening your door into the yard, you are greeted by calming and cool waters of your swimming pool. Such a design makes the pool a natural extension of your home, thereby helping you save space.

Think outside the box

More specifically, think outside the typical swimming pools shapes such as square and rectangle. Nowadays, there are pool builders who can create custom-shaped pools that maximize your backyard’s available space. For instance, if a rectangular pool doesn’t suit your yard’s terrain, perhaps a bean-shaped one would be more suitable.

Indeed, a small yard is no reason not to have a pool. With so many options at your disposal, you can enjoy a relaxing swim in your own space-saving pool anytime you wish. If you need design consultation for such a project, don’t forget to get in touch with a trusted pool builder.


How To Fit a Pool into a Small Backyard,