James Bond once did a movie using this phrase.

We at Aquanetic believe it is so important when involved in swimming pool design in Orange County, pool remodeling in Orange County landscaping or pool construction in Orange County to listen to our client’s desires and needs intently, drawing out not only what appeals to them but why it appeals and how they want our finished product to make them feel. How many times have clients spent much time and money with a designer to be shocked upon his return with a finished plan to find it is nothing like what they discussed and was completely useless.

We at Aquanetic have learned through years of experience in designing and building swimming pools and spas in Orange County to first sit down with the client and determine what they want and then looking through their eyes to create a rough plan together. Once the rough plan is finalized we then return with a “breath taking” color perspective drawing and plan which will assure our client of what we will build.
A swimming pool, spa or swimming pool remodeling project may be one of the few investments of its size that you purchase first and then see what you get. Scary? You bet it is

That is why we at Aquanetic try to carefully reassure you that we understand what you are expecting and then deliver it.
How may you verify what I have just stated? Check our customer referral list. Whether you are interested in pool construction in Orange County, spas in Orange County or pool remodeling in Orange County, in- ground swimming pools, remodeling or swimming pool design in Orange County, call us. We will happily furnish you with over 300 names, addresses an