Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose the right pool builder? (This is an important question since an unusually high percentage of home owners end up unhappy with the builder they chose.)
A. 1. Check contractor’s license number with State License Board.
2. Make sure they have both Workmen’s Comp and Property Liability Insurance.
3. Check the length of time the contractor has had the license.
4. The best way to insure your happiness with your project is to talk to the contractors previous customers and inspect the work. A list of at least 30 names and addresses should be sufficient. Do your homework. Check not only new projects but also those 5 to 10 years old. 5. Who will supervise your project? Many times the sales person with whom you established an understanding leaves after the sale and you’re left with a strange company to deal with. This is where problems may begin.

Q. Do swimming pools and spas increase my property value?
A. Not always. If you put a mundane (Motel 6) “plain Jane” pool in a beautiful home it could detract from the property’s value. However, an exciting design that increases value is not always that much more expensive. We at Aquanetic love to create “emotional impact” something that makes you say “wow, that’s beautiful”. The artistic blend of lush foliage, rich masonry and cascading waters may easily be the tipping point in selling your property at an above market price. Another factor that helps is that due to our local property appreciation, your swimming pool project is a much lower percentage of the house price today than it was five years ago.

Q. What do pools and spas cost?
A. Pools and spas are not like purchasing an auto. Local codes differ from city to city. Yard size, access size for excavation equipment and existing conditions requiring demolition all affect the final cost. A firm price cannot be established until the job site has been inspected. However, sometimes you just want to have a general idea of cost in order to decide whether you want to be in the market or not. Call us. We will try to give you a general idea of price over the phone. Then, if agreeable, one of our designers will meet with you and design the project of your dreams.

These are just some of the many Frequently Asked Questions about Pools and Spas. If you have others, feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help.